16 janvier 2011

A Touch Of Spring-Algarve

Yesterday I want for a walk and this is what I saw... ...*********If you want to see more of this series come see me at flickr..link on this page to the right...Pour voir plus de cette series de photos venez me voir chez flickr ,le lien est en haut de cette page a drooite...See you soon...
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09 janvier 2011

A glimpse of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of many faces between Asia and Europe ,between old and new... *** *** ....these photos refer to my stay in a part of the old town,in the neighbourhood of the shoemakers.There were also many wholesale export shops with the most fashionable shoes but I was not allowed to take photos. *** *** The paintings are from the lobbies of two hotels and reflect some of the old ways of life and the dream we had about oriental life style. *** My stay was in october so there was a bit of an autumn mood... [Lire la suite]
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05 janvier 2011


Barnacles are crustaceans that have jointed legs             and shells of connected overlapping plates. Instead of crawling             after food, they glue themselves to rocks, ships, pillings, abalones,             and maybe even whales and wait for food to wash by. ....Sometimes if one looks carefully there is beauty in small things.... ******See you soon..
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05 janvier 2011

The old fishing Harbour-Lagos

Lagos,in the western Algarve,is full of historical interest with it's origins dating as far back as 2000 years BC when it was known as Lacobriga. Lagos has always had a seafaring connection, originally visited by Phoenicians and Carthaginians and then, during the 15th century, was the base for the 'voyages of the Discoveries' instigated by Henry the Navigator when trade between Africa and Portugal brought a great deal of wealth into the town.Today there is only the Marina with its many private Yachts and the old fishing... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2011


It is harvest time now ..the trees are laden with lucious fruit.. *********But don't touch...See you soon...
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01 janvier 2011

Bonne Année 2011-Happy New Year

May we follow our dreams and realise our good wishes for all... See you soon..
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