06 octobre 2011

A walk through Alte-Algarve-Portugal

A friend of mine wo is making mirrors of shells and driftwood took me with her to visit Alte, a beautiful dreamy little village in typical Algarve style.... *** *** Alte is a typical village of whitewashed houses with lattice work, handcrafted chimneys and narrow, cobbled streets nestling in the foothills of the Serra do Caldeirão.  *** The church is at the centre of the village, and there are numerous little cafes in the surrounding area, to relax at and soak up the tranquility of the village.  *** ***... [Lire la suite]

19 mai 2011

Spring Storm-Lagos

There has been quite a strong wind for a few days ..the waves were crowned with foam as far as one could see. Boats for viewing the famous grottos or the dolphins were unable to go out and only very few fishing boats tried to brave the powerful Atlantic ocean. Most spectacular were the waves around the old fort build in the  late 17th century as a defence against the British Fleet led in those days by Sir Francis Drake. *** It is also known as the Forte do Pau da Bandeira or the Forte de Nossa Senhora da Penha de... [Lire la suite]
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28 mars 2011

Lisboa Fandango

Lisboa ..irresistible dance of colours and sounds...seduces you with the sweet taste of ginja...and the sound of Amelia Rodriguez voice in the air.. *** Lisboa ...dance irrsistible des couleurs et des sons...vous seduit avec le goût douce du ginja...et le son de la voix d'Amelia Rodriguez flotte dans l'air... *** Fandango is actually a traditional Portuguese dance ...the dancers revolving slowly...just like the manifold colours and images of Lisbonne.. Fandango est un danse traditionelle de Portugal...les danseurs... [Lire la suite]
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26 décembre 2010

An ancient harbour-Portugal

Lagos is a charming,small town snuggled in a bay in the western Algarve. It is full of historical interest with it's origins dating as far back as 2000 years BC when it was known as Lacobriga. Lagos has always had a seafaring connection, originally visited by Phoenicians and Carthaginians and then, during the 15th century, was the base for the 'voyages of the Discoveries' instigated by Henry the Navigator when trade between Africa and Portugal brought a great deal of wealth into the town. In december the weather is not... [Lire la suite]
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03 septembre 2008


En regardant simplement..Just looking... *** *** *** à bientôt..see you soon...
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02 septembre 2008

Souvenirs et impressions-Au Portugal

C'était ma première fois au Portugal et ce qui a fait chanter mon coeur c'était la profusion des couleursIt was my first time in Portugal and what made my heart sing was the riot of colours... *** *** *** ...la diversité des gens......the variety of people ...   *** *** ...le musicien est de Cap Verde ..il joue dans la rue avec son group.....impossible de passer sans danser......the musicien is from Cap Verde ...he plays the streets with his group...impossible to pass by without... [Lire la suite]
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